Rewards,punishment and Loyalty programs

Everyone, sciekore introduced these policy for Rewards,punishment and Loyalty programs to its family members.
  • A employee/intern and other members may get punished with a fine for absence and get extra holidays and gifts for performing well.

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  • if you recommend a candidate for any program, for example, a job, internship, traineeship, etc., A recommendation letter signed by you as a Sciekore member will give them 5% marks in their selection process. We value our growing family.

    If any of your friends and family ever apply, they should send a recommendation letter signed by you;
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  • To every SCIEKORE member, if they do some referral for our paid services and solutions, the client will get a 15 percent discount!

    SCIEKORE member(you) will get a 15 percent commission on the amount of the service and solutions.
    For example, a product or service costs 3,000 rupees. You recommended our services to someone, due to your referral, he/she got the product/services at a 450 rupees discount. You also get 450 rupees comission. SCIEKORE will get 2100 of the sale. I will soon share video for this loyalty program
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  • An employee or intern may get punished with a fine not following rules of office such as reporting and they can get extra holidays and gifts for good performance.

    A trainee or affiliate will get discounts on fees and gifts in case of outstanding performance.
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